When Plans Crumble: Disney Turning into Detroit, Part 1

Unfortunately, sometimes travel plans do not go as intended. Even though I plan and prepare as much as possible, sometimes things just happen and plans crumble. For my 29th birthday, I wanted to travel to Disney World. I had already been to the happiest place on Earth two times before, but I wanted to go again! The first time was when I was really young; I was either four or five or maybe even six years old. The second time was when I was in middle school. This time, I would be turning 29 years old, and I wanted to ride the rides and experience some Disney magic! Also, why not go to Disney? One of my co-workers at the time loves Walt Disney World and goes there at least once or even twice a year! I asked her out to lunch one day and asked her a bunch of questions, as she was clearly an expert! She advised me where to go, what rides to ride, where to eat, what app to download, and even got me connected with her Disney travel agent!

I asked my sister if she wanted to go with me, and she said yes! I was super excited! We planned and got the fast passes for the rides we wanted. I was so pumped! We got to the Indianapolis airport, and I got a text that our flight was delayed. I figured everything would be fine. It was in April, and sure, the weather was not that good, but it was not that bad either. It was fine in Indianapolis, so surely, everything would go smoothly! Well, when I booked the flights, I am not sure why, but I booked a flight from Indianapolis to Orlando with a layover in Detroit, Michigan. Detroit! Detroit is north of Indianapolis! We were flying north in order to go south to Orlando! WHY did I do that?? It made no sense whatsoever! WHY?? I am usually a good planner, so WHY in the world did I book this flight?? Why did my sister not speak up and say, “Hey Mandy, why are we flying north to go south?” Hey, I am not taking all the blame in this!! I probably booked this flight because of the times. It probably worked better with our schedules. It was probably the cheapest option. I probably was too excited about my birthday trip to even think about logistics.

So we finally flew up to Detroit. And it was snowing and raining there. Ugh. Such was my luck! We waited at the airport for a few hours as our flight kept getting delayed and delayed. Then, when we were able to fly out, they said they did not have a flight crew for us. They did not have a pilot! They did not manage their human resources well enough to make sure there would be a pilot for us! We were cold and tired and miserable. My sister and I talked about our options. There were people there who had been waiting since the earlier flights had been cancelled. A guy we were talking with had completed an interview and was trying to get home. We decided that even if we did get down to Orlando, we would have at least one day less than planned to enjoy the park. We also realized that there were passengers at the gate who were trying to go home. We knew we would be able to use our Disney park tickets for up to a year or more, and we figured we would get our money back from the hotel. Our flight ended up getting cancelled, so we decided to just get a hotel in Detroit and figure things out the next day. We figured we could call Expedia and the Disney resort to get our money back, get a rental car, and explore the city of Detroit.

We called a hotel nearby, and thankfully, they had a room we could have for two nights. We booked it, and I booked an Uber to take us there. When we got to the hotel’s front desk and as I was paying for the room, the clock struck midnight, so my sister wished me a happy birthday! We then told the clerk that we were supposed to be in Disney for my birthday, but I do not think he was too interested. Before we went to bed exhausted, I posted on Facebook that we were in Detroit, and I asked for help on what things we could do in the city. If this had been a normal travel situation, I would have researched the city and figured out what were the coolest things to do and see. However, this was not a normal situation, so I needed help from friends and family who had been to Detroit before, because we were cancelling our trip to Disney due to bad weather and a flight cancellation. Our plans had definitely crumbled!

Meandering Minnie Mouse at the Dossin Great Lakes Museum in Detroit!



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Meandering Mandy

Hello! I am a young woman living in Indiana who loves to travel and share my stories with the world!