Motion Sickness

Warning: If you get queasy, then you might not want to read this blog post!

Do you get motion sick when you travel? I don’t unless I am reading while traveling. I remember when I was really little, my family and I got into my dad’s two door red Ford Mustang and drove to see my grandparents in rural Indiana. To occupy myself, I was given the Toys R Us book advertising all of their new toys for the upcoming Christmas season. I was happy seeing the toys that I wanted to put on my wish list, but then, my stomach started hurting, and I threw up in the back seat. I think my dad was a bit upset because he likes to take really good care of his things, but he realized I didn’t purposely get sick. Ever since then, I do not read while riding in a car, on a train, or on a plane!

Even if I look on my phone for too long, I can feel that I’m starting to get motion sick. I have even taken Dramamine when riding in a car that is going through mountainous or hilly areas. So what do I do if I can’t read while traveling? Well, I listen to music or sleep. I remember getting a portable CD player and headphones when I was growing up, and I’d bring a portable CD holder with all of my CDs. Later on when technology improved, I got an iPod and transferred all of my CDs onto it. I would even go to the library and borrow CDs so I could take them home to put on my iPod!

I have almost gotten motion sick on a plane during rough turbulence. I was in college, and my friend and I were flying to Boston for spring break. We were going through awful turbulence, and we had a rough landing. I remember clutching the air sickness bag with one hand, and my friend was holding my other hand. When we landed, the flight attendant brought me either water or Sprite. We didn’t get off the plane until everyone else had gotten off. Once we got into the airport, we found a place to sit down, and we waited until I felt better before heading to our hotel. Ever since then, I always take Dramamine before flying!

I have also almost gotten motion sick on a cruise ship. Call me crazy, but I really can feel the cruise ship moving! It feels worse when I am in the center of the ship or in the theater. During one of the cruises I’ve been on, if I remember correctly, I took a Dramamine every time I was on the ship. When I decided to travel on a cruise that was paid by myself and not by my parents, I splurged for a room with a window. No way was I going to get an interior room without a window! Also, I made sure to always have Dramamine on me just in case I started to feel motion sick.

As you travel, you learn more about yourself and what you can handle. I have learned how to prepare so I don’t get motion sick, or I at least have the necessary things on my person if I do get sick. Hopefully, I won’t ever get motion sickness again!



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