Traveling Without Actually Going Anywhere: Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

Another cool way to travel without actually going anywhere is by playing video games and/or computer games! Due to the global pandemic of 2020/2021, I am choosing not to travel as much as I am used to. This means I am cooped up in my house for long periods of time! One way that I have been able to think about traveling and somewhat quench my thirst for travel is by playing the computer game, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

In this game, you have to track down all of Carmen Sandiego’s henchmen and henchwomen, as well as bring down Carmen herself. To do this, you first start at the scene of the crime, question witnesses, and look at evidence. You get snippets of information about the criminal, as well as their next destination. You then try to piece together where the criminal went to next, travel there, and then question people and look up clues that will then take you to the next destination. Once you have enough information about the criminal, you can get issued a warrant. You have a time limit to get a warrant and track down the criminal to their final destination where you arrest them. One criminal stole all the llamas from Lima, Peru!

As you complete more cases, you level up to higher ranks. You start off as a Gumshoe and work your way up to Super Sleuth! You have to solve 40 cases before you can be called a Super Sleuth and even get a chance at tracking down Carmen. Thankfully, the game came with a booklet that has information on all of the criminals so you can narrow down the suspect.

I remember playing this game as a kid in the basement in the 1990’s. I would use an almanac to help me look up the clues to find out which country a certain mountain, river, waterfall, etc. was located in. Now, I use my cell phone to help me look up clues!

Recently, when I was visiting my parents, they let me take the CD-ROM and booklet so I could play it. When I was setting up to play it, I found a letter inside the booklet that was from the Wendy’s restaurant. Apparently, either my sister or I had won this game as a First Prize Winner in the Wendy’s/Carmen Sandiego Sweepstakes! How cool is that!?! I only wish the letter had been dated!

I am so glad I was able to resurrect this game and relive part of my childhood! I don’t remember tracking down Carmen as a kid, so I’m looking forward to locking her up! I am close though!



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