Traveling Without Actually Going Anywhere: Universal Yums from Thailand

My husband and I have been watching Taskmaster on YouTube lately. It’s a British TV show that has comedians and TV personalities complete ridiculous tasks for points. The person with the most points gets a trophy of the Taskmaster’s head. One of the tasks was to move water from one bowl to another bowl without moving any bowl, and the contestants were given items such as a colander and a holey plastic bag! It’s quite funny and helped us get through the days we were sick with Covid.

At the beginning of each show, the contestants are asked to bring in an item — basically an adult version of ‘show and tell.’ For one of the shows, they were asked to bring in a subscription item. It made me remember Universal Yums and how my husband had gotten me a six-month subscription for Christmas 2020. It’s been awhile since we last had a box, and I got to craving it after seeing the British comedians talk about their subscriptions. The next day, I signed up for a year subscription of Universal Yums, and our first box came from Thailand!

The first snack we tried were sweet and spicy sausage flavored potato rings. The packaging was interesting, as the picture on it looked like a hot dog, not a sausage. The tiny rings started off as slightly spicy, but then after awhile, the spiciness built up into a too spicy snack!

Next up was a mala seaweed roll; our booklet informed us that mala is an intense spice due to a combination of chilis and Sichuan peppercorns. I definitely did not like this snack; it was way too spicy and put my mouth on fire! I am pretty sure we each had to drink a glass of milk after eating this to help cool ourselves down!

Next, we ate chocolate caramel cookies, which was my favorite snack out of this box. My mouth was still on fire from the seaweed roll though, which was annoying. We then ate chocolate coconut chips. I’m not a fan of the coconut flavor, but Thais apparently love coconuts!

We then tried the caramel and garlic crisps that had a touch of black pepper. This was a very weird flavor combination! Also, I read the ingredient list, and it contains shrimp! Ew! I like shrimp, but not in my potato chips! It was definitely an interesting combination of sweet and spicy. I will not be eating any more of these chips!

We ate Thai iced tea wafer cookies in addition to cookies and cream sandwich cookies. The sandwich cookies were good, but I prefer Oreos because they have more filling. However, these cookies had cookie crumbs in the filling!

While eating the snacks, we listened to Thai classical music on YouTube; I later read the informational packet that came with our box. I learned that Thailand has over 40,000 temples, and it is home to the inventions of Muay Thai boxing, Red Bull energy drinks, and sriracha hot sauce. Another fun fact is that Thailand is the only Southeast Asian country to never be colonized! Also, there is a Monkey Festival in November in the province of Lopburi that celebrates the long-tailed macaques that live side by side with Thais!

Next month, our box will come from India!



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