Traveling Without Actually Going Anywhere: Universal Yums from Taiwan

Meandering Mandy
2 min readJul 23, 2023

May’s box came complete with snacks and treats from the small country of Taiwan. An island off the coast of China, Taiwan is home to the first cat café. It opened in 1998 in the capital city of Taipei. I also learned that schools in Taiwan do not employ janitors. Instead, the children are responsible for cleaning the building! Another cool fact I learned that there’s a church in Taiwan that is in the shape of a shoe! It’s a huge blue glass high heel!

This month’s box first had us trying choco peanut mochi, and I put the box’s “I love this so mochi” sticker next to my description of this snack! It was delectable! It was peanut butter wrapped in marshmallow tasting mochi which was then wrapped in a thin coating of chocolate.

We first listened to traditional Taiwanese music, but it was not my favorite, so we switched to Old Taiwanese Songs on YouTube that I found to be much more tolerable! We then ate spicy beef popcorn noodle popcorn, which definitely smelled spicy! It was cool that this popcorn tasted like noodles, but it was so spicy that I could only eat one piece!

Next up were white pepper crackers that my husband described as “just boring.” I thought they tasted a bit like Wheat Thins, but a plain peppery cracker. We then tasted pineapple cake which I did not like. I love cake, so it was surprising that I did not like this. I just don’t like pineapple! My husband didn’t like it either.

Yogurt animal crackers were our next treat. They were crunchy with a slight yogurt and butter taste. I liked them! Lastly, I tried a peach jelly shot which was part liquid yogurt and part gelatin. I used the box’s sticker that said, “Taiwan-t none of this,” next to my description of this treat! My husband didn’t try this because I told him that I knew that he wouldn’t like it!

Which treat would you have liked to have tasted?

Next month, June 2023, Universal Yums will send us a box of treats from Turkey! We also renewed our subscription to Universal Yums for one more year. I believe the renewal email came while we were on vacation in Ireland, and I didn’t have time to discuss whether or not to renew it with my husband, so I just let it automatically renew. We do enjoy trying new treats! Do you like learning about what we try?



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