Souvenirs: Magnets

When you travel, what do you like to purchase in order to remember your trip? Do you like to collect a certain item from each place you visit? Some people buy t-shirts, shot glasses, postcards, magnets, playing cards, or other memorabilia. So what do I like to buy?

Well, I collect magnets! I like to purchase a magnet from each place I visit. I also like getting magnets from friends and family whenever they go travelling. I have tons of magnets from all of my travels, but sometimes I am not able to find a good magnet to buy. But most of the time, I can find one that is worth it! When I was living in Valparaiso and Lafayette, Indiana alone, I covered my fridge with all of my magnets.

One of my favorites is a plush lobster that I got in Boston when I went there in college with a friend over spring break. I have one that had an actual small little cactus in a pot from Phoenix, Arizona! I did not realize it was alive when I bought it! When I got home, I took the sticker off the bottom, and there was a hole at the bottom of the pot and some dirt came out! I taped up the hole and realized that the cactus was actually real! The cactus has since passed away unfortunately.

I love magnets because there are so many unique ones, and since they are small, they can fit in my suitcase really easily. It is also fun to get magnets from my family members who have travelled; it’s fun to see where they have travelled to and to know that they were thinking of me during their travels.

I have also learned that not all refrigerators are magnetic! When I moved into my boyfriend’s condo, I was getting ready to put my magnets on the fridge. I tried one magnet, and it just slid down the side of the door to the floor. I was astounded that not all fridges are magnetic! I ended up getting some magnetic whiteboards and hung them up in a bedroom so I could show off all of my magnet souvenirs!



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