San Francisco — Post #2

The next day of my California dreamin’ trip in San Francisco, I got on a tour bus that rode over the Golden Gate Bridge to see Muir Woods. I wanted to see the tall redwood trees that California is known for! They towered above me, and I just loved seeing all of the nature around me! It was absolutely beautiful! I felt so small compared to these trees!

The area was declared a national monument in 1908 by President Theodore Roosevelt and named after the naturalist John Muir. I walked around the trails and gazed up into the sky to see the gigantic trees towering above me and blocking the sunlight from reaching me.

In the afternoon, I went to the Golden Gate Park to see the Conservatory of Flowers, which wasn’t very big. It had pretty flowers, but if you’re short on time, then I would recommend skipping this place. I then went to the Japanese Tea Garden, which was very pretty! I loved seeing the Japanese architecture, flowers, and gardens. I then meandered through the Botanical Garden which is free on Tuesdays! (It was free on Tuesdays in 2018, so I’m not sure if it’s still free on Tuesdays now.)

I certainly had my fill of nature for the day! It was such a relaxing and peaceful day!

Japanese Tea Garden — San Francisco



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Meandering Mandy

Meandering Mandy

Hello! I am a young woman living in Indiana who loves to travel and share my stories with the world!