Read, Review, Travel: Magazines

I enjoy reading travel related magazines and looking at all of the beautiful travel photos in them! My absolute favorite travel magazine was National Geographic Traveler, but unfortunately, it is no longer in print. I really liked how it was down to earth and gave practical travel tips. I used to have a subscription, and I have kept a few of them in case I need them for future travel plans. I believe I used a few for making vision boards too.

Recently, I was notified by a hotel chain that my points were going to expire if I didn’t stay at least a night or redeem some points. I chose to redeem some points by getting a subscription to Travel + Leisure. It is not my favorite travel magazine, but it was the best option they had. I think I had a subscription to this magazine at some point in the past, but the reason this magazine is not my favorite is because the places it recommends are incredibly pricey. The first magazine I got for my newest subscription was the hotels issue, and all of the hotels featured cost at least $200 a night, which I think is too expensive. I prefer to stay at cheaper places, but still safe places, so that way I have enough money to spend on excursions, souvenirs, and getting to and from the destination. Since I typically do not spend much time at the hotel on a trip, I would rather spend my money elsewhere.

Also, I am not a fan of the magazine’s writing style. I feel like all of the articles are written for highly intelligent people. Don’t get me wrong — I am certainly smart, but I want to read about seeing new places and meeting new people, not the feeling that the art in a museum makes one feel, if that makes sense. I just feel like this magazine caters to a highly experienced and elegant traveler who makes a lot of money. But, I do like looking at the pictures and reading some of the magazine. I guess I cannot complain too much since the magazine was free! I just had to spend some of my hotel points to get it!

I do recommend going to your local library to check out travel guides and travel magazines. You pay taxes to support the library, so why not use the resource? That’s what I would do when I didn’t have magazine subscriptions paid for by hotel points!



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