Our Trip to Austin, Texas

For five days, I traveled in and around Austin, Texas in March 2022. My husband and I flew in on a Monday and left on Friday. On Monday night, we hung out with my friend and her family at their house. It was so good to see her and her family! It was also nice to just relax since we had spent the entire day travelling. Delta doesn’t provide any direct flights from Indianapolis to Austin, so we had to switch planes at their hub in Atlanta.

The next day, we went with my friend to a rodeo! Basically, a rodeo is like a 4-H fair. There are animal shows and exhibits, food, entertainment, shopping, and rides. We saw a show where kids were showing off their chickens, as well as pens that held goats, longhorns, and other animals. There was also a petting zoo and an area where you could go in and see butterflies flying all around you.

Afterwards, we drove to Zilker Park to walk around. They also had a ‘dinosaur fossil’ pit which was a sand pit where you could dig for fake dinosaur fossils. They also had some birds and hawks on display that the park was helping to rehabilitate.

On Wednesday, my husband and I were on our own since my friend had appointments to go to. Our first stop was Mayfield Park and Nature Preserve where we saw some peacocks and peahens just roaming around the grounds! They were incredibly pretty to see up close!

We walked on a trail down to a river and then made our way to The Contemporary Austin, which is a sculpture park. We ate at their outdoor café and then walked around looking at the interesting sculptures. Some of them made us wonder how they were considered works of art. One was literally a telephone pole with a lost dog sign posted to it!

We then walked uphill to Mount Bonnell to look out over the Colorado River. It was a nice view, but a long walk with a steep incline! Also, on the way up, I accidentally walked too close to the edge of the road and got poked in the arm by a plant! I even bled a little bit! Later that night, we went to Cidercade which sells alcoholic ciders and has arcade games set up. For a flat admission fee, you could play any of their games like Skee Ball, Guitar Hero, and Pac-Man. They even had a 4-player Pac-Man game! It was a lot of fun, and I highly recommend you go here if you’re ever in Austin, Texas!

On Thursday, we went to the Texas Capitol Building and joined a free guided tour to learn more about where Texas laws are created. There were stars everywhere! The building was bigger than the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, D.C., because everything has to be bigger in Texas!

Afterwards, we walked to a food truck for lunch and then went to the Blanton Museum of Art, which is free on Thursdays. It was a decent art museum, but their main exhibit did not impress me. I forget the artist’s name, but it was a bit too abstract for my taste.

I recommend visiting Austin if you’re ever in Texas! I had a great time, and I am so glad I was able to travel here and see my friend and her family! I really hope I can travel more in the future!



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Meandering Mandy

Hello! I am a young woman living in Indiana who loves to travel and share my stories with the world!