Louisville: A Trip by Myself!

Another trip that I completed on my own was when I drove to Louisville, Kentucky. I made a detailed itinerary for each day I was down there. First, I stopped at Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby Museum. I didn’t get much of a tour, because it was pouring tremendously! But I did get to see all of the museum exhibits, and I tried to avoid the crowd of students who were on a school field trip. Afterwards, I went to a Louisville Bats baseball game. Thankfully, it stopped raining in time for the game, but there were not many fans in the bleachers so it wasn’t lively.

The next day, I visited several museums. I visited the Louisville Bat Company Factory and Museum, the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience, and a history museum. I got a mini baseball bat from the first museum, and I discovered that I really don’t like the taste of bourbon!

Later that night, I went to a concert on the riverfront of the Ohio River. The concert was great, and the three bands were quite good. Plus, it was neat to see the sun set over the water. I just love looking out at water. I don’t know why, but it is just calm and peaceful. I think that whenever I retire, I will try to get a house or a condo by a body of water. I will have a porch that overlooks the water, and I will buy a rocking chair for the porch. That would be a perfect retirement house! Back to the concert, I found a vendor selling Graeter’s ice cream. One of my cousins had introduced me to this ice cream when I had visited her in Cincinnati, Ohio, so I of course bought some at the concert when I saw it! On my last day in Louisville, I went to the zoo and then drove home. It was a short trip, but it was fun. I am so glad I put unique experiences into my itinerary such as the baseball game and the riverfront concert!

I also really liked the hotel I stayed at, and unfortunately, I didn’t write down the name of the hotel on my itinerary, for some odd reason. I liked the hotel because they provided a free shuttle service to anywhere downtown. I used the shuttle to get to the baseball game, the Louisville Bat Company Factory and Museum, the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience, and even the riverfront concert! You could also call the shuttle to pick you up from anywhere downtown! When the driver dropped me off at the baseball game and concert, he pointed and told me where he’d pick me up when I called to be picked up. He also made sure I knew how late I could call for a ride and made sure I had the hotel’s number in my phone. I truly appreciated how he was looking out for me and made sure I was taken care of since he probably picked up on the fact that I was traveling alone. I really appreciated that, and I really wish I knew what that hotel was named! It is always nice to be taken care of when traveling!

Churchill Downs
concert by the Ohio River



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