Bringing Our Love of Travel into Our Home: Living Room

Decorating your living space can be a lot of fun! In one of my apartments, I got pictures of Chihuly’s artwork (he’s a famous glass blower) from wrapping paper and a calendar. I cut out the pictures, framed them, and put them up in my living room. After moving in with my now husband, we decided we wanted to put something else up that represented a love from both of us. He seems to not care much for Chihuly’s artwork, which is fine; everyone is entitled to their own opinion of artwork!

Since we both love to travel, we decided to print photos from our own travels, our friends’ travels, and the Internet. I had received a canvas that’s navy blue and has a faint map printed on it with the words “Explore the world” written on it in gold from a dear friend. My husband hung the canvas surrounded by the photos on our living room wall above our TV. Now, it’s a constant reminder of our love of travel!

We have two photos on the wall that I’ve taken from my travels: one of an ancient library in Ephesus, Turkey and the other one is of the Eifel Tower in Paris, France. Two photos are from our friends’ travels to Japan. We asked for permission to use their photos, and they obliged. One is of a temple and the other is looking out onto the Pacific Ocean. Another photo is from a family member’s trip to Hong Kong. The remaining four pictures are from the Internet: Niagara Falls (I’ve been there before, but my husband hasn’t), Petra in the country of Jordan (a place on our bucket list), Arches National Park in Utah (I’ve been there, and I’m pretty sure my husband has too), and finally, Hawaii (the place where we wanted to go to for our honeymoon, but was postponed due to the pandemic).

We may decide to add more photos to our wall, or we may decide to leave it the way it is. I love looking at the photos to look at places I have been to before and places I yearn to travel to. What is a way that you bring travel into your living space?



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