As soon as we were engaged and talking about our wedding plans, we knew we wanted to travel to Hawaii for our honeymoon! We wanted to go someplace tropical and go to a state that I had not been to yet, since I am trying to see all 50 states. I am not sure what island we will stay on, but I do know that I want to lay on the beach, see a luau, see a volcano, and possibly go on a helicopter ride to see the scenery! I believe my husband wants to go scuba diving. He had gone through the training before and was close to getting certified, but couldn’t make it. I do know that I can skip on Pearl Harbor. Even though I enjoy learning about history, I feel like I know enough about the United States’ entry into World War II. Plus, I want to enjoy my honeymoon with relaxation instead of learning.

Due to the global pandemic, we were not able to go to Hawaii for our honeymoon. We will go some other time when it is safer and when we feel comfortable to do so. I am thinking we will be able to go during the winter of 2021–2022 or the winter of 2022–2023. I would like to go when it is winter because then we can escape the cold snow of Indiana and bask in the warm sunlight of Hawaii!

I would like to stay at a nice resort that has a lot of activities to choose from, as well as restaurants on site. I hope to find one that is either adult only or mostly for adults. I am a bit worried about the time difference and getting jet lag. I remember when I went to China, and I had jet lag when I got there and when I got home. I think it was worse when I got home. I was extremely tired and could not focus. It was hard getting back to my normal routine. I will try to take a few days off of work after I get back from Hawaii to account for the jet lag. I looked it up and Hawaii is only 6 hours different from Indiana. That makes me feel a little better because China is 12 hours different from Indiana! Maybe the jet lag won’t be as bad!

I cannot wait until we get to go to Hawaii! My husband even bought me a travel guide to Hawaii for either a birthday gift or a Christmas gift. I have read through part of it, but I did not take notes like I should have! The first part was mostly about the history of the islands though, which was interesting! I am looking forward to seeing a tropical place with palm trees, as well as beautiful sunsets and sunrises over the ocean. I cannot wait! I hope we get to go soon!




Hello! I am a young woman living in Indiana who loves to travel and share my stories with the world!

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Meandering Mandy

Meandering Mandy

Hello! I am a young woman living in Indiana who loves to travel and share my stories with the world!

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