Anniversary Weekend

On October 3, 2021, David and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary! We of course celebrated it by traveling! October 3 fell on a Sunday, so we decided to travel on Saturday and Sunday. I asked David where he wanted to go, and he suggested Turkey Run State Park. We had been meaning to check it out for awhile now, but just never planned it out. It’s only about 1 hour southwest of us in Indiana.

I started planning our trip and looked up attractions and wineries near the park that we could go to after hiking. I planned for us to pack a picnic lunch and eat lunch at the park on Saturday. I checked the weather on Wednesday or Thursday and noticed that it was forecasted to storm the entire weekend. Unfortunately, we had to come up with a Plan B.

We decided to eat lunch at home. David made quiche that had eggs, bacon, and spinach in them. He also made a caprese salad! It was delicious! We then drove to Coal Creek Cellars Winery in Crawfordsville where we sampled some wine and ate some appetizers. The winery is inside a 100 year old barn! We ended up buying a bottle of their Splash, a sweet white wine.

Afterwards, we drove to Terre Haute, Indiana where we dressed up to go to a fancy sushi restaurant called Umi Grill. Their food and service were amazing! For dessert, we ordered a Japanese honey cake and chocolate mochi ice cream. The two desserts were absolutely delicious! And of course, I had to eat cake to celebrate our anniversary!

The next day, we ate lunch and then found ourselves needing to find something to do to occupy ourselves until our next stop opened up at noon. We were close to Indiana State University, so we drove around the campus, found the visitor parking lot, and then walked around. Thankfully, it didn’t rain on us while we were walking! It only seemed to rain when we were driving!

We then shopped at a board game store and then made our way to WaterTower Estates Winery south of Terre Haute. Their wines were refreshing, and I bought a bottle of watermelon wine, while David bought a bottle of rhubarb wine. I also liked that they had a cute boutique inside; I found a cute gnome decoration for wintertime!

Next, we drove to Rockville, Indiana where we tasted wine at the Drunk Tank Winery. This winery is in the basement of the Old Jail Inn, an inn within, you guessed it! — an old jail! The building is the original Parke County Sheriff’s office and jail, which served the county from 1879 all the way to 1998! It was in operation for 119 years! It also served as the residence for the sheriff and his family.

This wine tasting bar comes with the most outrageous and hilarious hostess! She was quite entertaining! We were laughing the entire time we were there! We ended up getting a bottle of mulled wine. I definitely recommend you check out Drunk Tank Winery! It was such a fun experience! Beware though — there is no public restroom! I think it’s because it’s an old building, so just be prepared.

On our drive home, we saw a double rainbow! A double rainbow is when there is one rainbow on top of another. It was so pretty! The rainbow on top was barely visible, but I could definitely see the bottom one. I hadn’t seen a rainbow in a long time, and it was breathtaking! I even was able to take some good photos of it from the moving car (don’t worry — I wasn’t driving!).

David then told me this joke: How much does a rainbow weigh? Not very much. They’re pretty light!

We loved our anniversary weekend even though we weren’t able to hike in Turkey Run State Park. We were still able to come up with a backup plan and had an enjoyable time in Indiana!



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Meandering Mandy

Meandering Mandy

Hello! I am a young woman living in Indiana who loves to travel and share my stories with the world!