2022 Travel in Review

Meandering Mandy
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I know this is a few months late, but I don’t really care — ha! I thought it would be a cool idea to review all of the travel I did in the year 2022 and share where I went, how many times I flew, and how many miles I traveled.

I ended up taking 20 plane flights and 1 helicopter flight in 2022! I really wish I had taken 22 flights, because then I could say that I took 22 flights in the year ’22!

My husband and I flew from Indianapolis, Indiana to Atlanta, Georgia and from Atlanta to Austin, Texas. And then we flew back. So that was 4 flights just to get to and from Austin, Texas to see my best friend!

In June, I flew from Indianapolis to Atlanta and then to Fort Lauderdale, Florida for a Caribbean cruise. This was again, 4 flights, just to get to and from a cruise.

At the end of July, I flew to and from Portland, Maine. This trip included 4 flights because there were no direct flights from Indianapolis to Portland. I had to fly from Indianapolis to New York City and then to Portland.

All of the flights through Atlanta were on Delta; Atlanta is their hub and not many Delta flights go from Indianapolis to anywhere else besides Atlanta. Because of this, I decided to book a direct flight from Indianapolis to Austin when I wanted to go see my best friend again in August 2022. Thus, this trip only included 2 flights.

In November, my husband and I took 6 flights during our Hawaii honeymoon. We flew from Indianapolis to Atlanta and then from Atlanta to Honolulu. We then flew from Honolulu to Lihue, which was on a different Hawaiian island. While in Lihue, we flew on a helicopter around the island. And then we flew back to Honolulu, Atlanta, and Indianapolis.

View of Kauai Island from our airplane!

I took three solo trips: a Caribbean cruise; Portland, Maine; and Austin, TX. My husband and I took two trips that involved flying: Austin, TX and Hawaii. The furthest distance I traveled was to Hawaii, which was over 4,200 miles! Honolulu is five hours different from Indiana.

We took two road trips: our summer trip to Cincinnati, Ohio was a 350 mile round trip, and our fall trip to Traverse City, Michigan was a 726 mile round trip. Stay tuned to learn what trips I take in 2023 and learn more about the trips I took in 2022!



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